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Monday, July 23, 2018

Somebody's mother-8 th standard English language notes.

  ksge       Monday, July 23, 2018
SOMEBODY'S MOTHER.- Merry Dow Brine.
C I. Answer the following questions.
1) What kind of a woman do you find in the poem?
We find the woman who was old ragged and grey. She was bent with the chill of winter's day.
2) Where was the woman standing? Why was she standing there?
The woman was standing at the cross. She wanted to cross the road.
3) Why was the woman very anxious?
The woman was anxious if she moved she would fall down the slippery road as her feet were aged and weak. She waited long for the help but nobody came to help her.
4) What are the children compared to?
The children are compared to the flock of sheep.
5) Did the boys lend the old woman a helping hand?
The boys did not lend a hel ping hand to the, old woman.
6) Why was the old woman hesitating to cross the road?
The old woman was hesitating to cross the road because carriage wheels and feet of horses might knock her down.
C.2. Read and discuss your responses with your partner.
1) How did the boy help the old woman?
He took her aged hands in his strong young arm he helped her to cross the road without hurt or harm.
2) What made the boy happy?
The boy was happy and contented because he had helped a poor, aged and weak woman to cross the road.
3) What did the boy tell his friends?
The boy told his friends that she was some body's mother. She was aged, old, poor, and slow he helped that some fellow would l end a hand to help his mother. She was poor and grey and if her own dear boy was far away.
4) What did the old woman say in her prayers that night? Why?
The old woman said in her prayer that night "God be kind to the boy who is somebody͛s son and pride and joy" Because the boy had helped her to cross the road when others did not help her.
5) Do you like this poem? Why or why not?
I like this poem very much as it contains an universal message to help old, poor and weak.
C. 3. Answer the following as directed.
1) Pick out the rhyming word in the poem
1) grey - day 2) snow - slow 3) long - throng
4) by - eye 5) Shout - out 6) Sheep - deep
7) grey - way 8) her - stir 9) feet - street
10) troop - group 11) low - go 12) arm - harm
13) along - strong 14) Went - Content 15) know - slow
16) hand - understand 17) grey - away 18) head – said
19) boy - joy.
2) Name the figure of speech.
a) Simile - boys are compered to flock of sheep. b) Here a part is spoken as a whole. Her aged
hand on his strong young arm aged hand is the old woman is strong young arm refers to the boy so the figure of speech here is synecdoche.

Thanks for reading Somebody's mother-8 th standard English language notes.

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