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Monday, July 23, 2018

The boy who asked for more-8 th standard English language notes.

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THE BOY WHO ASKED FOR MORE. - Charles Dickens.
I. Answer the followiing questions.
1) Where was Oliver twist born?
Oliver twist was born in the poor house of a little country town.
2) Who were present when Oliver was born?
A doctor and a poor and experienced woman were present when Oliver was born.
3) What happened to the mother as soon as the child was born?
As soon as the child was born the mother died
4) What did the mother look like while she was alive?
The mother was a young and good looking woman while she was alive.
5) Who was Mr. Bumble?
Mr. Bumble was beadle of town.
6) How did Mr. Bumble treat the children?
He starved and ill-treated the children under his care.
7) What did oliver's friends want him to ask the master.
They persuaded Oliver to ask more from the master.
2. Answer the following questions.
1) How were the children fed in the house?
The children were fed in a large stone hall, with a big metal basin at the end. The master stood by the basin and served each child with a small bowl of watery gruel.
2) Why was a council held by the boys? What did they decide in it?
Boys did not get enough food in the poor house. They were always hungry. So they held a council in which it was decided to ask more. Oliver twist was appointed to ask more of the master.
3) What did Oliver ask his master for?
Oliver asked his master for more food.
4) How did the master react to the request of Oliver?
The master aimed a blow at his head seized him by his arms and shouted for the beadle.
5) What was the punishment that Oliver got for asking for more?
As punishment for his greed and boldness Oliver was immediately locked in room to spend the night alone.
6) What did Mr. Bumble ultimately decide to do with Oliver?
He ultimately decided to drive out Oliver from the poor house and declared that reward of five pounds would be given to the person who would take Oliver away from the poor house.
7) What was Oliver's crime according to Mr. Bumble?
According to Mr. Bumble Oliǀer͛s crime was asking for more.
3. Read and discuss responses with your partner.
1) Briefly explain the circumstances under which Oliver twist was born.
Oliver was born in the poor house of a little country town on a cold black night in the winter of 1837. His birth was attended by a doctor who was hastily called for the purpose and by an old paper woman who was experienced in such matters.
2) How can you say that Oliver͛s mother was a poor woman?
She had been found lying in the street. It was clear that she had walked some distance before she died. Her shoes had been torn to pieces. Where she had come form or where she had been going nobody knew so we can say that Oliver's mother was a poor woman.
3) What kind of a man was Mr. Bumble?
Mr. Bumble was a cruel man. He thought himself a very great man indeed. He starved and ill-treated the children under his care.
4) Why were the boys always hungry?
The boys were always hungry because they were given to eat a small bowl of watery gruel. This was not enough for them. They had no courage to ask for more, so they were always hungry.
5) How did the children plan themselves to satisfy their hunger?
The boys held a council. Oliver twist was appointed to walk up to the master after supper and to ask for more in this way they wanted to satisfy their hunger thinking that the master would meet the demand of Oliver.
6) What was the result of Oliver request for more food?
When the master heard Oliǀer͛s demand he could not believe his own years. He turned very pale at this. He aimed a blow at Oliǀer͛s head seized him by arms and shouted for Mr. Bumble. Mr. Bumble rushed in and was excited and said that the poor boy would be hung. Oliver was kept alone in a room the whole night.
7) Why did Mr. Bumble got a notice pasted outside the gate? Explain
Mr. Bumble thought that Oliver was bold and greedy. No body had questioned his authority so he decided to drive Oliver out of the poor house by pasting a notice outside the gate. He did not like that other boys should follow the example and his authority would be shaken
8) Sum up Oliver's birth and life in the-poor house.
Oliver was born on a cold winter night in 1837 in a poor house. As soon as he was born he lost his mother.
His life at the poor house was miserable. He was always hungry. as he did not get enough food to eat. He was ill- treated. Oliver's 9th birth day found him a pale, thin child who had hardly known a kind word or met with a kindly look.
9) Briefly narrate the events that led to Oliver being locked up in a room.
When that evening one of bigger boys stated quite clearly that unless he had an extra bowl of gruel he would most certainly eat the boy who slept next to him he had a wild and hungry eye , so the smaller believed him. A council was held Oliver was appointed to walk up to the master after supper to ask more. After the supper the boys forced Oliver to ask for more. Olive r went to the master and said please sir I want some more . Master turned plate when he heard this he hit the boy on the head and shouted for beadle. Mr. Bumble rushed into the room with excitement and horror. He said that he had never heard of such tiling so as punishment f or greed and boldness Oliver was immediately locked in a room to spend the night alone
C 5. Look at the following headings chose the best among them for the paragraphs indicated write then against the number.
1) Birth of an orphan
2) Death of the Mother
3) Boy's admission to poor house
4) Naming of the boy
5) Boys holding a council
6) Oliver being forced to ask for more.
7) Mr. Bumble's reaction
8) Punishment.
F. Underline the word that does not belong to the groups in each.
1) farmer, former, doctor, teacher. Ans:- Former
2) ate, swallowed, smelt, gulped. Ans:- smelt
3) miserable, sad, agile, sorrowful Ans:- agile
4) stated, said, narrated, heard Ans:- heard
5) quickly, hastily, rudely, immediately Ans:- rudely
6) weak. pale, robust, thin Ans:- robust.
V-2. Given below is a list of nouns some are made from verb some are not pick out those words which are made from verbs.
a) movement b) amazement
c) development d)establishment g) measurement i) astonishment
V-3. Write down the noun forms of the following words.
Ans. 1) born - birth
2) suggest - suggestion
3) exist - existence
4) grow - growth
5) tire - tiredness
6) think – thought.

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